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– Melissa N, Parent of Lucas (pictured with Melissa)

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College Costs Simplified: The 15/35/45 Rule

College Costs Simplified: The 15/35/45 Rule

Comparing costs at different colleges is often more complex than it needs to be, partly due to a lack of consistency from one college website to another. If you’re not careful, you run the risk of making decisions based on faulty information.  In...

Why the ACT still matters: Facts and FAQ’s

Why the ACT still matters: Facts and FAQ’s

I don’t want to waste your time, so let me state some facts, answer a few common questions, and let you - the parent - make the right decision for your family.    About 97% of four-year colleges in the United States have a test optional...


Planning for college can be overwhelming and stressful. We don’t want that for you. We offer college admissions guidance and ACT Test Prep that removes stress, makes your path clear and helps you make confident college choices.