College Search

Find the University of You™. Get clear about your best-fit college options.

College Search Services Defined

College Search from OnCampus College Planning is an exclusive, professionally-designed process guided by college planner Tom Kleese in which student and parents gain the ability to make confident, well-informed, well-researched decisions about where to go to college. Instead of quickly narrowing down options, you’ll gain a broader understanding of what’s available and develop a crystal-clear picture of yourself, learning to clearly define and articulate your own University of You™. You’ll discover amazing college options you’re not aware of, including hidden gems and high-value schools that will reward you financially, academically and personally for your achievements. Still curious about how and why this works? This will help.

College Search Benefits & Results

College represents a six-figure investment and four (or more) years of your life. When was the last time you made a six-figure decision without professional guidance? We’ll help you choose wisely. We match college-bound students with their best-fit schools. OnCampus College Planning founder Tom Kleese has visited 130 campuses nationwide and has researched hundreds more. 

Students and families who’ve enlisted our services report amazing results. Confidence. Peace of mind. Finding scholarships and merit aid they didn’t know existed. Learning about their “soul mate” school that they had never heard of before. The list goes on. For firsthand insights, Read Our Reviews.

Standard College Search ($1500)

Starts with our exclusive Discovery Process and four student-family strategy sessions with Tom Kleese to build and refine your University of You list. After Tom assembles your one-of-a-kind list based on your unique input, you’ll have your one-of-a-kind college list and key stats on the 7-10 schools that are your best-fit options. You’ll also be armed with inside knowledge of how to conduct effective college research and campus visits to evaluate and prioritize your top options.

Premium College Search ($2000)

If you’re not the DIY type, this college search package is for you. With Premium College Search, you get the Discovery Process and four strategy sessions and your custom list of schools, but you also get Tom’s complete guidance throughout your search, as well as Tom’s detailed research services on your top-choice schools. Ideal for students and families wanting more hands-on guidance with every step of college selection.