ACT Test Prep

Earn your best score. With our help, students gain 4 points on average.

ACT Test Prep Defined

OnCampus College Planning provides ACT Test Prep in the form of one-on-one coaching sessions, so we can customize our proven program to individual student needs. We work systematically through each of the 4 subject areas of the ACT, teaching you key strategies to use to boost your score.

Starting about 8 weeks prior to your planned ACT Test Date, we’ll meet about once each week for 90 minutes, with planned, provide exercises for you to do each week at home between sessions. You’ll also have member access to our Tools website, which is chock full of video tutorials, practice exercises and other helpful tools.

Each ACT Test Prep package includes a baseline exam and score analysis, plus a full-length, proctored Practice Exam to give you a realistic “dry run” prior to you actual ACT Exam Day.

ACT Test Prep Benefits & Results

When applying for college, you want an ACT score that best represents your true academic ability. It is super common for students who typically do well in school to struggle with the ACT. It’s a unique test, and we teach unique strategies to help you effectively approach this unique test, including avoiding traps, time management, stress management and familiarity with the types of questions you’re sure to encounter.

Our stats show that we know what we’re doing. More than 95% of the students we work with increase their scores. And of those that improve, the average gain is 4 points. For more evidence, Read Our Reviews.

Better ACT score means merit aid and improved chance of acceptance at your top-choice schools, making ACT Test Prep with OnCampus College Planning a sound investment of your time and money.

We offer three tiers of ACT Test Prep since different students have different needs. We typically meet weekly with students, so it’s best to plan for a program lasting 6-10 weeks total, depending on meeting frequency, your availability and ACT Test Prep Package selected.

Standard Test Prep ($1800)

Includes 6 90-minute, one-on-one coaching sessions, weekly at-home exercises, a full-length proctored practice exam and all necessary prep materials. Includes member access to our online Tools site with video tutorials, worksheets and practice exercises. Suitable for most students.

Premium Test Prep ($2400)

Adds two additional one-on-one coaching sessions (8 total) and additional practice exercises. Ideal for students needing additional help in at least one subject area.

Platinum Test Prep ($2900)

Includes 10 one-on-one coaching sessions and a deeper focus on subject areas where a student needs extra help. Ideal for conquering test anxiety. Also ideal for students starting with sub-20 baseline scores.

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