About Us

We help students and parents get to college with less stress, less mess and way more confidence. Our services include ACT Test Prep, College Search and College Applications Guidance.

Read on to learn more about Our Team.

Tom Kleese

College Planner & ACT Test Prep Coach

Tom helps students see and realize their potential. He aims to make the college planning process fun, exciting and healthy for students and families.

Tom started OnCampus College Planning more than 15 years ago. Since then, he has helped thousands of high-school students earn better ACT Test scores, find better college options and follow a better process and path to the University of You™.

Tom Kleese is a career educator and coach. He taught high school students and coached football for five years, and he taught with the University of Wisconsin System for more than ten years. He was awarded the Alliant Energy Underkofler Excellence in Teaching Award.

Tom’s a huge fan of the movie Miracle. His favorite quote is from Herb Brooks: “Great moments are born from great opportunity.” If he could give one piece of advice to his 17-year-old self, Tom would say, “You’re going to regret not trying harder at the things that matter, so don’t let fear of embarrassment hold you back. Go all in, and then deal with the outcomes.”

Stephanie Barth

ACT Test Prep Coach & Coach for College-Bound Athletes

Stephanie approaches ACT Test Prep with the same philosophy that has served her well as a volleyball coach: “I start by understanding the goals and the learning style of the person I am working with. We then build out a plan to support and achieve success.”

Stephanie has coached youth, club and collegiate athletes for 25 years. She’s also a seasoned educator of youth and adult audiences on a range of health and wellness topics. She taught in the Kinesiology Department at Augustana University and in the Physical Education Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and later served as the Athletic Director for High Point Christian School. She owned and operated Balance Volleyball Club in Madison, Wisconsin where she helped multi-sport athletes with high quality volleyball instruction while developing each player to be a well-rounded student athlete.

As a coach, former college athlete and now parent of three Big Ten college athletes, Stephanie is adept at helping students find their best-fit team and school. She is able to guide high-school athletes toward great options with insights on recruiting and merit aid related to college athletics.

Stephanie enjoys spending time with her husband Scott and their three college-age children. She also loves volunteering, exercising with friends and attending Badger sporting events.