College Planning Expertise for Better Scores.
Better Options. A Better Process.

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Get to college with less stress & less mess! College planning guidance accessible from your computer or phone, month after month. It’s like having your own college planning guru on speed dial.

ACT Test Prep

Effective college planning includes the right ACT Test Prep to earn your best score. One-on-one ACT Test Prep helps our students gain 4 points on average

College Search

Smart college search begins with self-understanding. ID your unique style, interests & abilities. Zero in on your “University of You”. Focus your search on your best-fit schools. Make informed, confident college decisions

College App Guidance

Avoid missteps, missed deadlines and missed opportunities during the college applications process. Write that brilliant essay. Know just what to do, when and how.

College planning expertise for better scores. Better options, A better process.
Take the worry and stress out of planning for college. You'll even have fun. Get the right help from an experienced, expert college planner. Gain peace of mind and confidence. Cover all your bases at exactly the right time.
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Learn exactly what to do and when to make a confident college choice. Avoid costly missteps and missed deadlines. Get the inside-scoop on college savings. Avoid headaches and save time. Join our online community of college-bound students and parents for regular, live online college coaching from Tom. We’ll clear your path to the college of your dreams. You’ll gain exclusive access to our very best tools, insights and methods for college planning success.

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