Comprehensive College Planning Package

From $2,250.00 / year

Get to college with less mess, less stress and way more confidence with help every step of the way, from freshman, sophomore or junior year (when you start working with us) through graduation day.

College Help Every Step of the Way

Our Comprehensive College Planning package is ideal for students and families seeking guidance with College Search, ACT Test Prep and College Applications. Families who choose our comprehensive college planning package save more than 20% versus purchasing individual services.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Premium ACT Test Prep (8 sessions; $2500 value)
  • Premium College Search (Define, find and research the University of You(™), find hidden gems and high-value colleges that are your perfect fit; find merit aid opportunities for your unique situation; $1800 value)
  • Premium Application Guidance (up to five (5) sessions, assistance with up to three (3) college essays and guidance managing the college applications process and timeline; $1250 value)

Total value $5550, available for $4500 when you choose Comprehensive College Planning. ($1050 savings!)

Save even more when you make one payment. Pay $4275, one time for 5% additional savings!

Start early for reduced stress and better decision making.

Families who choose the Comprehensive College Planning package option typically start working with us freshman or sophomore year of high school to get maximum benefit, but we’ve worked with families who start junior year, or even the summer before senior year. The same amount of work needs to be done whether you space it out for reduced stress, or complete the process on an accelerated, condensed schedule. When you start is up to you as a student and a family. We recommend starting as early as you can, since busy families find it easier that way.

What comes first?

This depends on when you start and your priorities as a family. Students starting freshman or sophomore year with us typically start with College Search, and then tackle ACT Test Prep during junior year. We then work with you the summer leading into your senior year for College Applications Guidance.

When starting your junior year, the first priority is often ACT Test Prep, followed by College Search and then College Applications Guidance.

Because your schedule and order of tasks is unique to you, the first step is a consult with one of our coaches to map out your action plan, semester-by-semester, so you know exactly what to do and when. Imagine your relief when you have a semester-by-semester college action plan! It’s possible, with help from OnCampus College Planning.

What’s next?

Once you choose Comprehensive College Planning and place your order, you’ll be able to schedule sessions based on a conversation you’ve already had with us, or schedule your consult to map out your action plan. Our comprehensive clients can choose from several payment plans to make your life easier.

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