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Here’s what Edgewood High School families have to say about OnCampus College Planning:

“The great work OnCampus College Planning did with our boys, Danny and Tommy, during their college exploration and ACT preparation cannot be overstated. The test-taking strategies you taught them, the tireless coaching, the practice test work and the confidence you instilled in their test taking ability were instrumental in helping them achieve the results necessary to gain admission to the school they wanted to attend. Just as importantly, however, you made them feel that they would succeed, regardless of the scores, in finding a school fit that was right for each of them. Never once, during the course of working with you did they complain about their “homework” for their sessions with you and never once did they complain about attending your preparation meetings. That was truly amazing to us and a topic we discussed often.  Thank you for all you did to contribute to positive growth of our sons. We will continue to sing your praises to all who will listen. Please keep up the good work for the sake of future college applicants.”
Mike and Maura Crooks, parents of Danny and Tommy Crooks   

“The three letters ‘ACT’ together are ones that cause angst, frustration, and anxiety for most kids and parents.  Our family was no different. We have two kids who have had the privilege of working with On Campus College Planning to prepare for the ACT exam. As a parent, and an educator, I cannot express enough how much Tom did to help my kids tackle the beast that is the ACT. Tom has created a program that enables kids at all academic levels to reach their potential. He breaks the test down and teaches the kids how to approach each section and maximize their score. In addition to providing tips, techniques, and strategies, Tom builds a rapport with each student and fosters a sense of confidence in each of them. He believes in them and helps them believe in themselves. His ability to connect with the kids is the difference between his program and other ACT prep programs. He challenges them to see the test as a game they CAN WIN. Our family feels very lucky to have found Tom and credit our kids’ victory over the ACT to him and his encouragement to dig deep and find their own success!”
Kim Frederick, mom of Allie and Ryan

“We had two kids with VERY different learning styles, interests and attitudes use On Campus College Planning with equal success. Our oldest entered college with a new feeling of self worth and confidence after far surpassing her expectations on ACT test scores and college admissions. Thanks to patient guidance by Micah, our youngest has learned perseverance and meaningful strategies to better communicate in his essays. Our oldest had a phenomenal experience working with Tom and our youngest has worked with both Tom and Micah. Both men have a gift for connecting with your kid; making the ACT and college search process personal and positive. As parents, we felt a weight was lifted from our shoulders and that our kids were being held accountable without us nagging and looking over their shoulder. It’s an unforgettable experience to see the look on the face of your child as he or she opens that magical acceptance letter. Tom, Micah and the rest of the OC team are masters at helping parents and students embrace the game plan of ACT prep and college admission. We are thankful and thrilled for our kids at the outcome.”
Colleen and David Penwell, parents of Annie, Grace & Murphy

“We are huge fans of OnCampus College Planning. We engaged with OCP when our oldest son was a junior in high school. He was a good student, but not a good test taker. He had taken the ACT once, scored OK but thought he could do better. He took it again and his score went down, that is when we began working with OnCampus. The benefit is the personal relationship OnCampus develops with the kids. We were in a situation where our son had lost confidence and honestly, wasn’t terribly interested in being “tutored” on the ACT, much less the idea of signing up for a summer of working towards retaking it. After his first session everything changed. Tom connected with Nick on Nick’s level. He created a ‘safe zone’ to really get to the heart of what was holding Nick back. He was able to very quickly assess some areas of opportunity around pacing during testing, strategies for the reading comprehension section which is where we needed to focus and what I would deem to be ‘best practices’ for test taking in general. Things Nick could apply well beyond the ACT. We underestimate the pressure these kids are under and the fragility of the teenage brain and mentality during stressful times. Tom gets that. Parents don’t always get that (we did not). To this day Nick reflects on the experience with OCP as positive and beneficial. With OnCampus College Planning you get more than testing strategy, your child will build a relationship with someone they trust, because they know Tom cares and he is rooting for them. Take notice the next time you are making your rounds at graduation parties. Bets are you will see Tom at more than half of them. These kids are not inviting him because he helped them with the ACT, they are inviting him because he is a trusted adult that has shown genuine interest in their well-being.”
Angie Rieger, mom of Nick