ACT Test Prep

Better scores = admissions & merit aid opportunities.

ACT Test Prep Help for Madison Area High School Students

What is ACT Test Prep?

One-on-one Coaching

Boost your score with 6-10 sessions over 6-12 weeks leading up to your exam.

Proven results

More than 98% of our students raise their score. The average gain is 4+ points.

Designed to reach your goals

We set goals uniquely for you based on your baseline, aptitude and aspirations.

Worth it

Earning your best ACT score means better admissions and merit aid opportunities.

On Campus College Planning
Your ACT help was tailored to my exact strengths and weaknesses. The more personalized tutoring made me feel a lot more confident and helped bump my score up!

– Talia, Student




Ideal for students with:

  • Baseline score of 20+
  • Solid command of all 4 ACT sections



Ideal for students with:

  • Baseline score of 20+
  • Self-identifies as “bad test taker”
  • Challenged in at least one ACT section



Ideal for students with:

  • Baseline score of <20
  • Struggles with tests and school in general
  • Needs content coaching in English and Math

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ACT Test Prep Help for Madison Area High School Students

While our son put in the effort to prepare for the ACT, Tom’s instruction, insight and encouragement allowed our son to reach his potential and maximize his opportunity for merit scholarships.

Sharon R., Parent of Michael (pictured)


Why work for a higher ACT score? It is incredibly common for students who typically do well in school to struggle with the ACT. It’s a unique test, so we teach unique strategies to help you effective approach the ACT test. These include avoiding common ACT traps, time management, stress management and familiarity with the types of questions you’ll encounter. There are three key reasons to aim for a higher ACT score:

  1. Better college options.
  2. Increased chances for merit aid at your top-choice schools.
  3. Earn an ACT score that matches your true academic ability.