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My sophomore just signed up for the ACT (and here’s how I feel about it)

At 9:38 p.m. Tuesday, Jack, took a big step toward his dreams of studying music in college: he registered for his first official ACT exam. He did this with help from his father (who just happens to be a college planner and test prep coach), but this was his idea and it is part of his goals. In May of his freshman year he asked if he could sit in with a number of my students taking a practice exam…

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4 Reasons Why Your Kid Hates the ACT Math Section

The ACT math section is a beast. At 60 minutes, this math marathon is a full 15 minutes longer than English and 25 minutes more than the sprint-length Reading or Science sections. Worst of all, it’s 100% math, the subject most hated by young minds since the invention of finger counting (and toes for advanced math). The students with whom I work generally despise and/or fear it, and the most common post-exam text I receive is “I thought it went…

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3 Reasons to Love the ACT (and maybe Kurt Russell)

People hate the ACT. Students hate taking it, and parents hate having to coax, cajole or threaten their students to prepare. There’s little if any correlation between standardized test scores and success in college, and no one wants to be judged by a single number. Can any good possibly result from such an evil tool of academic measurement? Absolutely! Granted, I say this as someone who: a) provides professional test prep services; and b) didn’t take the exam until I…

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ACT Test Prep Course in Five Minutes: Three Keys to Better Scores

Most people under-perform when it comes to taking the ACT exam, or the SAT as well, for that matter. Because there’s no extra credit available on the ACT. There are no participation points. You can’t resubmit your work if you fall short of your initial goals. And bottom line, their confidence fails them. The unusual format of the test throws the typical student, even the smart ones. Especially the smart ones. Because they don’t know why, as a bright student…

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