junior year

The Question I’m Dying to Ask My Almost 17-Year-Old Self

March 29, 1982 “Tom, when are you the most ‘you’?” The question hangs in the air as I sit silently between my parents on an orange-leather sofa in the office of someone who calls himself a “college planner”. My silence isn’t due to a lack of understanding. I’m just gauging the potential benefits of an honest response with the costs of what quickly could become an incredibly uncomfortable conversation. Just days before my seventeenth birthday, the words I’m about to…

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College planning experts say junior year is key.

Junior year is the heavy lifting year for college prep tasks, recommend college planning experts. Chinese New Year’s just around the corner. 2014 is the year of the horse according to the Chinese zodiac. But for high school juniors, it’s The Year of the College! 2014 is THE YEAR you’ll apply to college. One year from now, all your applications will be turned in and you’ll be awaiting responses from the schools of your choice. College planning experts across the…

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