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Better College Searches Online and Offline: Tips for Effective Research on Colleges

When it comes to researching colleges online, a word of caution. Much of what you find when you start typing words into Google is going to be junk, which isn’t exactly news to you. Instead of Googling “best colleges for future doctors” or “occupational therapy majors” start with the best resources for information on colleges. These are the tools I use for my first-step, basic research. Some are better than others for specific search functions, so plug in some criteria…

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Three Things You’ll Never Say About Finding Someone to Marry, and why choosing a college is like that.

When I’m working with college-bound students, it’s super common for them to get overwhelmed, exasperated and frustrated long before the college planning process is complete. I do many things to prevent students and families from getting to this point, like breaking down big goals into manageable tasks, focusing on small milestones and reminding them about the prize waiting for them at the end of all the work, which is the perfect fit with the college of your dreams. Still, it’s…

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