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A College Degree from UW-Madison Will Cost You $100,968 (If You’re Lucky)

Choosing a college has become a six-figure decision. Unfortunately, many families assume they’ll pay much less because the primary cost of instruction — tuition and fees — can be far less than the “Cost of Attendance“, an official estimate created by each college that also includes room & board, books, travel and miscellaneous expenses for an average full-time freshman. That’s why I prefer to talk about Cost of Attendance (COA) with families, because no matter where junior goes to college,…

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The Rising Cost of College Living: Part 2 in a 3-Part Series on College Costs

This is the second in a three-part series about the rising costs of college, to help parents and college-bound students understand why college is expensive, what it costs and what you can do about it. Today’s post is about the rising cost of living at college. When you send your son or daughter off to college, first and foremost you are (or they are) paying someone to teach them. Tuition is the single most expensive part of the Cost of…

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