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College Planning Priorities

College Planning Priorities and What You Need To Do Now Grade-By-Grade

Another school year is winding down. Freshmen, sophomores and juniors, here’s what you need to do this summer and next school year to put your best foot forward for college. In this article, we’ll use the term “rising” to indicate the year of school you’ll be going into in the fall of 2018. For instance, “rising sophomores” are those students who will enter their sophomore year of high school in the fall of 2018. Rising Sophomores Focus on Solid Academic…

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7 years of college…down the drain! How to Graduate in a Reasonable Amount of Time

Most American college students don’t graduate in four years. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, only 60% of college students graduate “on time” at the institution from which they began their college education, and the number of years used for this calculation is actually six instead of four. (The author of the statement above, Bluto Blutarsky from “Animal House”, may have been very close to graduating but he was at least one year beyond “on time” status.) Lower…

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Holiday Survival Strategies–Your College Conversation Playbook

From a football perspective, we’re in the Playoff Push. From a holiday perspective, as a college-bound senior (or junior, or sophomore), you may be anticipating trick plays coming your way in the form of college-themed questions from well-meaning relatives. Remember one of my fundamental rules. DELAY THE DECISION. “National Decision Day” isn’t until May 1st. With very few exceptions, that’s your deadline for choosing a college if you’ll be a freshman in the fall of 2016. But that won’t stop…

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Grateful in the Middle

I’ve been at this college planning gig for nearly 8 years, and I continue to see the same themes over and over again. I find this reassuring because it means that sometimes, what feels uncomfortable and worrisome and maybe even hopeless, is actually normal. I find this especially reassuring now that I have two teenage sons of my own, and I’m experiencing firsthand what I’ve played spectator to in the college-bound students and families I work with. I’m learning to…

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Getting better is better than just getting done.

My wife noticed this phrase on my bulletin board at my office and asked, “Who said that?” I said, “I did.” She was really impressed. For about a minute. Then she asked, “Yeah, but who said it first?” (Sigh. smile.) I put this phrase on my bulletin board to remind me of my mission with each and every student, and of their mission as they push forward toward college and into full-fledged adulthood. Getting better is better than just getting done. Perseverance,…

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