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The college money talk nobody wants to have but everybody should

Talking about college and money has probably edged out sex and drugs on the list of conversations parents LEAST want to have with their teenager. Maybe it’s because there’s no marketing campaign to go with it. So consider this a start toward that end. Parents, have the conversation with your kids about college and money! Why do families avoid having the college money conversation? Lots of reasons based on my experience with hundreds upon hundreds of college-bound families. First off,…

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Paying for College: How to get the dialogue started

After paying a batch of monthly bills last night, my wife and I sat down to go through our budget. After reviewing the day-to-day numbers, she asked me to pull up our investments and within 20 minutes we knew exactly what we have in all our retirement accounts and how much is put away for our boys’ college education. We located a few online calculators, plugged in the numbers, ran a few different scenarios for rate of return, and were…

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Clarify college financing expectations. Who pays for what and when?

Clarify college financing expectations between student and parents. When it comes to college financing questions the most common situation is that there aren’t enough of them. Not enough families are openly asking enough questions of each other when it comes to who’s paying for what and when. In its most recent survey of college costs, the College Board reports that a “moderate” college budget for an in-state public college for the 2011–2012 academic year averaged $21,447. A moderate college budget…

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