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7 years of college…down the drain! How to Graduate in a Reasonable Amount of Time

Most American college students don’t graduate in four years. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, only 60% of college students graduate “on time” at the institution from which they began their college education, and the number of years used for this calculation is actually six instead of four. (The author of the statement above, Bluto Blutarsky from “Animal House”, may have been very close to graduating but he was at least one year beyond “on time” status.) Lower…

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Paying for college when one size doesn’t fit all

How to pay for college is an issue that keeps parents awake at night, and students, too. As a college planner, one of the things I encourage students and their parents to do sooner than later is to have a discussion about, “Who’s paying for what and when?” when it comes to college. College money talk causes the most stress and is one that can be the most difficult to talk about. But it doesn’t have to be. Here I’ll share…

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Spotlight on Cornell College: Changing College Students’ Lives One Course At A Time

During your college planning process, I encourage you to ask a lot of questions. Here’s another one for your college planning process. What if you went to college but never had a semester break? And what if every professor demanded a minimum of four hours of class time each day, expecting you to focus on her class only while ignoring all others? If you choose Cornell College, in Mount Vernon, Iowa, this is exactly what you can expect. Here’s why…

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Paying for College: How to get the dialogue started

After paying a batch of monthly bills last night, my wife and I sat down to go through our budget. After reviewing the day-to-day numbers, she asked me to pull up our investments and within 20 minutes we knew exactly what we have in all our retirement accounts and how much is put away for our boys’ college education. We located a few online calculators, plugged in the numbers, ran a few different scenarios for rate of return, and were…

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The Rising Cost of College Living: Part 2 in a 3-Part Series on College Costs

This is the second in a three-part series about the rising costs of college, to help parents and college-bound students understand why college is expensive, what it costs and what you can do about it. Today’s post is about the rising cost of living at college. When you send your son or daughter off to college, first and foremost you are (or they are) paying someone to teach them. Tuition is the single most expensive part of the Cost of…

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