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The Question I’m Dying to Ask My Almost 17-Year-Old Self

March 29, 1982 “Tom, when are you the most ‘you’?” The question hangs in the air as I sit silently between my parents on an orange-leather sofa in the office of someone who calls himself a “college planner”. My silence isn’t due to a lack of understanding. I’m just gauging the potential benefits of an honest response with the costs of what quickly could become an incredibly uncomfortable conversation. Just days before my seventeenth birthday, the words I’m about to…

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Beyond Basketball: What the #1 Seeds Have to Offer off the Court

So Kentucky is the #1 overall seed in this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. That’s no surprise if you’ve been even a casual follower of college hoops. Coach John Calipari has created a new brand of college basketball, wherein he convinces the most talented high school players in the country to don the jerseys of a fine university for about six months before putting on a flat-brimmed hat with the name of the NBA team that drafts them in the…

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Spotlight on Cornell College: Changing College Students’ Lives One Course At A Time

During your college planning process, I encourage you to ask a lot of questions. Here’s another one for your college planning process. What if you went to college but never had a semester break? And what if every professor demanded a minimum of four hours of class time each day, expecting you to focus on her class only while ignoring all others? If you choose Cornell College, in Mount Vernon, Iowa, this is exactly what you can expect. Here’s why…

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10 College Planning Questions: #6… Picking a college location. How often do you plan to go home?

Are you ready for more college planning questions? Ready for questions 6-10 to help you get started with college planning? Here goes. Question Six: While in college, how often do you plan to go home for a visit? The more often, the more location matters. Bill Cosby has been known to say, “Human beings are the only creatures on earth that allow their children to come back home.” Perhaps this is true. Which is why it makes sense to consider…

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