Struggling in School? Try Strengthening Your Academic Core

Dear Student between the ages of 12 and 18, You’re a smart kid, but school does not always come easily to you, does it? You do your homework, turn it in on time, raise your hand more than the guy next to you, and you’re like a ninja when it comes to group projects. Bam! Extra credit! But your grades, well, they don’t always line up with your effort, do they? And if we’re being completely honest, sometimes there’s a major disconnect…

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How to get “super scores” on the ACT

The February 9 ACT Exam date is fast approaching. For those who have taken the exam once or more, here’s something to help relieve some test anxiety: a growing number of colleges allow the practice of “superscoring“. But what is superscoring and how does it differ from standard practices?  Colleges receive your scores in one of two ways: when you register for the exam and elect to have your scores automatically sent to specific schools (a bad practice, by the way);…

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