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Does the Rise of Test-Optional Schools Mean the Decline of the ACT?

I won’t keep you in suspense. The answer is no. The truth is, the ACT and SAT aren’t going anywhere. They will continue to be critical metrics for colleges when evaluating prospective students. If all you wanted was the short answer to a yes-no question, there you have it. I just saved you seven minutes of reading. However, read on if you don’t believe me, or to gain a better understanding of why standardized tests will continue to be important…

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Summer ACT Test Prep Plus Two More Keys For College Prep Confidence

It seems I was just enjoying my first brat of the summer on Memorial Day! Now here we are speeding toward July 4th. It’s only a matter of time before school supplies replace garden supplies at Target. What will you have to show for your summer on August 31st? For high school students and families, summer is a key time to prepare for college, especially for students entering their junior year or senior year of high school. School’s out, so…

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Struggling in School? Try Strengthening Your Academic Core

Dear Student between the ages of 12 and 18, You’re a smart kid, but school does not always come easily to you, does it? You do your homework, turn it in on time, raise your hand more than the guy next to you, and you’re like a ninja when it comes to group projects. Bam! Extra credit! But your grades, well, they don’t always line up with your effort, do they? And if we’re being completely honest, sometimes there’s a major disconnect…

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Grateful in the Middle

I’ve been at this college planning gig for nearly 8 years, and I continue to see the same themes over and over again. I find this reassuring because it means that sometimes, what feels uncomfortable and worrisome and maybe even hopeless, is actually normal. I find this especially reassuring now that I have two teenage sons of my own, and I’m experiencing firsthand what I’ve played spectator to in the college-bound students and families I work with. I’m learning to…

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4 ACT Twisdoms That Will Surprise You

“Twisdoms” . It’s the latest social-media-inspired snigglet (made-up word). Twisdoms are tweetable (short) wisdoms about a particular topic. I have a few to share about ACT test prep. The truth is, sharing ACT wisdom is best done in more than 140 characters, so anytime you want, schedule a free one-hour consultation with me and get your questions answered. In the mean time, read on. Most families I work with start working with me the spring semester of their student’s sophomore year.…

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