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4 ACT Twisdoms That Will Surprise You

“Twisdoms” . It’s the latest social-media-inspired snigglet (made-up word). Twisdoms are tweetable (short) wisdoms about a particular topic. I have a few to share about ACT test prep. The truth is, sharing ACT wisdom is best done in more than 140 characters, so anytime you want, schedule a free one-hour consultation with me and get your questions answered. In the mean time, read on. Most families I work with start working with me the spring semester of their student’s sophomore year.…

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ACT Test Prep Classes Madison WI

What benefits can I expect from ACT Test Prep classes

About this time of year, high school juniors, some sophomores and even a few panicked seniors are thinking about the ACT. Questions like “When should I take the ACT?” or “What score do I need to shoot for on the ACT?” come up a lot. The one we’re going to address today is, “What benefits can I expect from ACT Test Prep classes?” Smart consumers want to know what they’re getting for their investment. As a student you deserve to…

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My sophomore just signed up for the ACT (and here’s how I feel about it)

At 9:38 p.m. Tuesday, Jack, took a big step toward his dreams of studying music in college: he registered for his first official ACT exam. He did this with help from his father (who just happens to be a college planner and test prep coach), but this was his idea and it is part of his goals. In May of his freshman year he asked if he could sit in with a number of my students taking a practice exam…

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ACT Test Prep Course in Five Minutes: Three Keys to Better Scores

Most people under-perform when it comes to taking the ACT exam, or the SAT as well, for that matter. Because there’s no extra credit available on the ACT. There are no participation points. You can’t resubmit your work if you fall short of your initial goals. And bottom line, their confidence fails them. The unusual format of the test throws the typical student, even the smart ones. Especially the smart ones. Because they don’t know why, as a bright student…

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ACT Test Prep Courses Can Help You Test Your Best

One of the most common aspects of the college planning process that I help students with is ACT test prep. ACT test prep courses, or SAT test prep courses, can be reallyt helpful in helping students to test their best. On March 6, I’ll lead a free college planning workshop that’s akin to a mini ACT test prep course, at American Family’s Dreambank in downtown Madison, WI at 1 N. Pinckney Street. The workshop’s called SAT, ACT, OMG?! That just…

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