Teaching college-bound students and parents how to make confident college choices with less stress and less mess.

Are you overwhelmed with college anxiety, but don’t know where to start to find your best college options?

Can you relate to any of these challenges?

  • It feels like other families found a college how-to manual that you missed
  • College conversations at home turn to arguing or stone-cold silence
  • You worry that your student’s ideal college experience is beyond your reach
  • You're afraid you’ll miss key college deadlines, take a wrong turn or make a huge mistake

We get it. It’s hard to want what’s best for your child’s future, without knowing how to get it.

What if there was an easier path to college?

  • What if you didn’t have to lose sleep over missing out on your child’s best college options?
  • What if you had a clear, simple guide for getting to college with less stress and less mess?
  • What if you could rest easy, knowing you have a plan in place for every step between where you are now and a confident college choice?
  • What if you felt totally in control of your college planning process, finding hidden gems and high-value colleges that reward your student financially for their achievements?
  • What if you had your own college planning expert in your hip pocket, sharing insights most people don’t have access to?

College-bound confidence IS possible.

We know planning for college is overwhelming. We know you’re frustrated with the college hype and hysteria, and that you’re looking for practical truth, clarity and hope.

Mom, Dad, we get it, and we can help.

Hi, we’re Tom and Hilary Kleese.

We help high-school students and parents get to college with more confidence, less stress and less mess. If you want a clear college path that tunes out hype and reduces overwhelm, you're in the right place.

Does it seem impossible to avoid stress while finding college options, apply with ease and confidently choose your best-fit college? It IS POSSIBLE.

How do we know this is possible for you? We’ve done it for ourselves! We’re the parents of two sons, a junior in college and a senior in high school. We’ve been in your shoes! We founded OnCampus College Planning more than ten years ago. Since then, we’ve helped thousands of students and families to earn better ACT/SAT scores, find better college options, save money on college and navigate a clear path to the college of their dreams.

Our College-Bound Confidence Community is a monthly, subscription-based coaching group for students and parents who believe there is a better way to do this whole college thing.

We help you find your ideal college fit at a price you can afford by getting clear about what you’re looking for, and then arming you with the knowledge, methods and an action plan to find it.

We’ve helped thousands of high-school students and their families earn better scores, find better options and follow a better process for getting to college with more confidence, less stress and less mess.

Are you ready to become college-bound confident?

Here’s what College-Bound Confidence gives you each month:

Live Q&A Calls

It’s like having a college planning expert on speed dial. I’ll answer your personal questions LIVE on our monthly group coaching calls! No college-related or parenting topic is off limits here. You’ll get my direct feedback on your most pressing questions.

Monthly Action Plans

Each month, you’ll get homework (yes, homework!) to make progress in your college planning journey. Our community is for families of freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. We give you grade-specific action plans that force you to take action instead of just consume info!

Expert Interviews

Each month, we’ll bring in an expert within the realm of college planning and parenting teens to teach you on a particular college planning topic (like saving for college, engaging stressed-out teens, navigating standardized testing, etc.) that’s relevant to what your family’s going through right now.

The Community

There’s no question you have that others aren’t asking, too, or have answered. We’re better together.Gain insights, share wins and success stories. Take this journey together with other college-bound parents and students who are just like you.

College Spotlights

Month after month, We’ll showcase hidden gems and high-value colleges that probably aren’t on your radar yet. We’ve toured nearly 150 colleges and universities across the country, and researched hundreds more. We’ll share firsthand insights to expand your college options.

Have questions?

Read our FAQs here. There’s no question you have that hasn’t already been asked by another parent or student. Some of the most common questions are included here with answers. If you don’t see your question, email us. College questions of all kinds are welcome. This is a guilt-free, judgment-free zone!


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