Services designed to meet your needs


Before you start planning for college, discover which colleges are your best fit.


Our College Search college planning services uncover hidden gems and high-value colleges that will reward you financially for your achievements.

Choose the right package for you. All options include my exclusive Discovery Process, to help you clarify and define your unique “University of You”.

Compass College Search ($600) results in a focused list of top-choice schools that are your best fits. This includes my exclusive Discovery Process Survey, two student-family sessions to strategize and refine your list and coaching to show you precisely how to research your college list. Plus I’ll do the heavy lifting for you on college research, tapping into a decade’s experience of researching colleges. I’ll narrow down the thousands of colleges you have to choose from to a focused short list of 7-10 top options.


Pilot College Search ($1000) includes a little more guidance and assistance during your college research/comparison process, plus a second round on your college list based on your feedback during strategy sessions.


Full College Search ($1500) enables you to go the distance with complete guidance and detailed research to build your final list of colleges. Ideal for students and families wanting more hands-on guidance with the college selection process.

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Effective college planning starts with the right ACT Test Prep.


We offer three tiers of ACT Test Prep, since different students have different needs. While we can adjust as needed, I typically meet weekly with students, so it’s best to plan for a program lasting 6-10 weeks total, depending on meeting frequency and package selected.

Standard Test Prep ($1800) includes 6 90-minute, one-on-one coaching sessions, prepared exercises for at-home practice each week, plus a full-length proctored practice exam and all necessary prep materials. Also includes exclusive access to our online Tools site with video tutorials, worksheets and practice exercises.


Premium Test Prep ($2400) includes all of the above, plus two additional one-on-one coaching sessions (8 total) and additional practice exercises. Ideal for students needing additional prep in at least one subject area.


Platinum Test Prep ($2900) includes a total of 10 one-on-one coaching sessions, even more practice exercises and deeper focus as needed on areas where the student needs extra help. Ideal for students starting with sub-20 baseline scores or who struggle with test anxiety.

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Overwhelmed by the college application process? Don’t be. We can help.


Some students and families want a partner at every step of the college application process, keeping tracking of the checklist and timelines, and avoiding missteps. Others need a little help with essay development. Choose the package that meets your needs, large or small.

Standard Essay Package ($300) provides coaching & editing of up to 4 application essays and two one-on-one essay coaching sessions.


Unlimited Essays Package ($600) Essay coaching and editing for every application essay you’ll write. Ideal for the Common Application.


Complete Application Guidance ($800) Need more than essay help? Want a “project manager” to help you stay on track through the whole college application process? I’ll help you manage stress and workload, hit deadlines, improve essays and nail that college interview.

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