Math Tutoring (Five-Session Pkg, $70/session)


Five (5) sessions (60 minutes each) math tutoring conducted one-on-one with Tom Kleese in person or via Zoom.

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Five (5) one-hour math tutoring sessions (Algebra I, Geometry or Algebra II/Advanced Algebra) conducted one-on-one in person at our office or Zoom based on your preference. Tom Kleese will help your student prepare for the next chapter test, factor polynomials or conquer other math struggles.

Tom Kleese has been coaching high-school students in Math for more than a decade as part of ACT Test Prep. The students we’ve worked with have improved their ACT scores by 4 points on average,and many have found that what they learned through ACT Test Prep, they were able to apply in the math classroom for increased success. Tom has helped thousands of students overcome math struggles, develop strategies and overcome the common “I’m just not good at math” misperception. With online school being prevalent, more students than ever before are struggling with math. We’re here to help.


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