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ACT Test Prep

Effective college planning includes the right ACT Test Prep to earn your best score. One-on-one ACT Test Prep helps our students gain 4 points on average

College Search

Smart college search begins with self-understanding. ID your unique style, interests & abilities. Zero in on your “University of You”. Focus your search on your best-fit schools. Make informed, confident college decisions

College App Guidance

Avoid missteps, missed deadlines and missed opportunities during the college applications process. Write that brilliant essay. Know just what to do, when and how.

Comprehensive College Planning

Get to college with less mess, less stress and way more confidence with help every step of the way, from freshman, sophomore or junior year (when you start working with us) through graduation day.


Take the worry and stress out of planning for college. You’ll even have fun. Get the right help from an experienced, expert college planner. Gain peace of mind and confidence. Cover all your bases at exactly the right time.

Get to college with less stress, less mess & more confidence. Join College-Bound Confidence

Learn exactly what to do and when to make a confident college choice. Avoid costly missteps and missed deadlines. Get the inside-scoop on college savings. Avoid headaches and save time. Join our online community of college-bound students and parents for regular, live online college coaching from Tom. We’ll clear your path to the college of your dreams. You’ll gain exclusive access to our very best tools, insights and methods for college planning success.

Pivoting From Pandemic to Purdue

Pivoting From Pandemic to Purdue

2020 was a tumultuous year that not even the most clairvoyant of planners could’ve expected. And even though this goes without saying (and you’re probably tired of hearing the phrase ‘in these unprecedented times’), the pandemic had wide-reaching and unpredictable...

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F Words for 2020

F Words for 2020

Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any more F words thrown at it, here are three more: Flip, Flop, Forward. I’ll explain in a bit, so keep reading. Lately, my feed (and probably yours, too) is full of posts about what a challenging year 2020 was, so I don’t need...

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“Not only did both of my twins score significantly higher on the ACT, thanks to Tom’s guidance and coaching, but the process for them was enjoyable and inspiring. Both of my kids connected with Tom and responded to his coaching in a way I hadn’t expected. And when they each received their ACT scores online the first person they thought to tell was Tom. This said a lot, to me, about the role he played and how effective he was in their test preparation.”

Nicole S.


“My wife and I would not be in the situation we are in without Tom’s help. Our graduated senior will attend Aurora University in the fall of 2017. Prior to working with Tom, we didn’t know Aurora existed. His hands-on approach allowed our son to engage and participate, define his interests, narrow his search, and ultimately find the perfect fit. Tom was equally dedicated to the ACT test prep process.

Tim P.


“Your ACT help was tailored to my exact strengths and weaknesses. It wasn’t just going over strategies and ways to better my score but actually breaking down each section of the test and pinpointing what areas and types of questions I needed to work harder on. The more personalized tutoring made me feel a lot more confident and helped bump my score up!”


High School Senior