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Here are some other resources for prospective student athletes:

  1. Check out our recent blog post and video about Next Steps for Prospective Student Athletes.
  2. Email Stephanie Barth, our Coach for College-Bound Athletes, if you have questions about playing college sports.
  3. Schedule a free consult in-person or via phone with Stephanie Barth or Tom Kleese to discuss your best-fit college options.

Read Stephanie Barth’s bio below.

Stephanie Barth, ACT Test Prep Coach & Coach for College-Bound Athletes

Stephanie approaches ACT Test Prep with the same philosophy that has served her well as a volleyball coach: “I start by understanding the goals and the learning style of the person I am working with. We then build out a plan to support and achieve success.”

Stephanie has coached youth, club and collegiate athletes for 25 years. She’s also a seasoned educator of youth and adult audiences on a range of health and wellness topics. She taught in the Kinesiology Department at Augustana University and in the Physical Education Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and later served as the Athletic Director for High Point Christian School. She now owns Balance Volleyball Club in Madison, Wisconsin where she helps multi-sport athletes with high quality volleyball instruction while developing each player to be a well rounded student athlete.

As a coach, former college athlete and now parent of two Big Ten college athletes, Stephanie is adept at helping students find their best-fit team and school. She is able to guide high-school athletes toward great options with insights on recruiting and merit aid related to college athletics.

Stephanie enjoys spending time with her husband Scott and their three teenagers, coaching and watching volleyball at every level. She also loves volunteering, exercising with friends and attending Badger sporting events.