College Costs 101

College Costs 101: A 3-Part Training Series on Estimating College Costs

In this three-part video lesson series, we’ll guide you through what you need to know, at a fundamental level, about the costs of college.

Estimating Your Costs 101: Part 1
Merit Aid

Let’s talk about “merit aid”! What is it? How can you tap into this key aspect of potential college savings to expand options and improve college affordability. In this video, you’ll get detailed information about where to find cost information for colleges, what merit aid is and why it’s important for you to understand.


Estimating Your Costs 101: Part 2
Cost of Attendance

Let’s talk about “Cost of Attendance”. What is it? Why does it matter? Why is it a more helpful term to look at versus “tuition” in order to truly understand college costs? This video examines key truths, such as “cost is not fixed” and “a great college education is still a great investment.” You’ll learn the key factors that impact cost of attendance and gain some hope for how you could save on college costs.


Estimating Your Costs 101: Part 3
Net Price Calculators & “EFC”

As if there weren’t enough college-related acronyms being thrown around, we’re going to talk all about Net Price Calculators and “EFC”, or Estimated Family Contribution. This will put you ahead of the game in being able to get a relatively decent estimate of what your cost would be at schools your student is considering.

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