College Application Guidance

College application guidance so you know what to do, when and how. Write that brilliant essay and earn acceptance to your top-choice schools.

College application guidance streamlines your path to the college of your dreams.

Embarking on the college applications process is a dizzying array of forms, deadlines, task lists and no small amount of stress.

Make the entire process stress-free and ensure you don’t miss key opportunities to put your best foot forward with your top-choice schools, with college applications guidance from OnCampus College Planning.

I’ll help you tackle the dreaded FAFSA, outline a project plan, help you stay on task and coach you on crafting the brilliant essay that captures your true potential and personality as a student.

The students and families I work with tell me that enlisting my help has been a great stress-reliever for their households, and has eased the typical parent-student tension that tends to arise during the college application season. And given that I live, breathe, sleep and focus on nothing but COLLEGE means that I’m the ideal guide during a time when you might otherwise find yourself dazed and confused.

Our college application services start at just $300 for standard essay development of up to 4 college essays, and range all the way up to full-service college application concierge service if that’s what you’re looking for to gain peace of mind. Give me a call. You’ll be glad you did.


If you are ready to dig in and get started with essay development, head over to Schedule An Appointment and choose the 1-hour essay development option from the menu.

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