“So, where are you headed next year?” How to Choose the Right College in 15 Hours or Less

National Decision Day for high school seniors is May 1st, a mere 15 hours from now. Most students have made their decision, but many are left with a difficult decision and the stress that accompanies it. My work as a college planner is incredibly rewarding for many reasons, and helping young minds make this very decision is a responsibility I take very seriously. Over the years I’ve repeated my mantra of “Delay the decision” not because I want students to avoid making…

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Shopping for Pants with Gary Anderson: Why Fit Is the Only Thing That Matters

On a Tuesday morning just before he skipped town for Corvallis and the Oregon State job, Gary Anderson stopped at West Towne Mall to buy a pair of pants. I spotted him in the back racks of Eddie Bauer, where we were both hunting for a good deal on some wrinkle-free khakis. Surprisingly, he didn’t have a speck of UW apparel on his back. Out of respect for his time, I chose not to engage him in chit chat. But…

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Better College Searches Online and Offline: Tips for Effective Research on Colleges

When it comes to researching colleges online, a word of caution. Much of what you find when you start typing words into Google is going to be junk, which isn’t exactly news to you. Instead of Googling “best colleges for future doctors” or “occupational therapy majors” start with the best resources for information on colleges. These are the tools I use for my first-step, basic research. Some are better than others for specific search functions, so plug in some criteria…

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Summer Reads for College-Bound Kids

It’s not your usual summer recommendations, but here’s three reads that might be worth your time if college is in your future in the next few years, or you’re the parent of a college-bound teen. Colleges that Change Lives (CTCL) is the perfect summer read for a college-bound kid or his parents. I mentioned CTCL it to a family I work with just the other day, as I do on a regular basis. For one thing, this guy (Loren Pope)…

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Where did the US #WorldCup2014 players go to college?

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this year’s #World Cup. Since I’m  pretty fixated on colleges, no matter what I’m doing, I started wondering where our elite Stars & Stripes athletes got their college starts. Figured maybe I could create a list of best colleges for soccer players. Turns out, this year’s US WC team includes 11 players who did not play college soccer (or attend college), the most on a US World Cup team ever. This year, Maryland is the only…

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