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test optional trend impact on act

Does the Rise of Test-Optional Schools Mean the Decline of the ACT?

I won’t keep you in suspense. The answer is no. The truth is, the ACT and SAT aren’t going anywhere. They will continue to be critical metrics for colleges when evaluating prospective students. If all you wanted was the short answer to a yes-no question, there you have it. I just saved you seven minutes of reading. However, read on if you don’t believe me, or to gain a better understanding of why standardized tests will continue to be important…

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how does college in american compare to college in europe

College in America versus College in Europe

In many ways the European college experience is miles away from college in America. And frankly, we could stand to learn a few things from how they do things across the pond. Tom recently had the privilege of visiting with Lucas Fatoussi, a former student from when he was a professor at University of Wisconsin-Richland. This is one of our longer blog posts, but I encourage you to take the time to read it for a refreshing, firsthand perspective on…

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College Planning Roadmap for the Class of 2019

Listen up, Class of 2019 and parents! It’s time to start thinking about college. Some of the most common questions I get from parents and students I work with start with “When should I…?”. When should I take the ACT? When should I visit campuses? When should I finalize my list of colleges? I’ve designed this College Planning Roadmap for high school students graduating in 2019 and planning to begin college that fall. Here you’ll find all the key dates…

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When should my high school junior take their first ACT Exam?

Timing for taking your first ACT exam is a common topic of concern among high school students and parents. In Wisconsin, there is a state-mandated ACT Exam for all public high school juniors typically late-February of their junior year. For 2018, this date is February 27. For many juniors, this will be their first time taking the ACT Exam (although I don’t recommend that – see below). The state-mandated ACT exam is just like all the other dates. The test…

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Note to self. Don’t forget to be awesome.

College move-in day is fast approaching for our firstborn. I am experiencing a veritable casserole of emotions that change from one hour to the next. In two weeks, a minivan loaded with Kleese’s and college provisions will head to Memphis, Tennessee. Less than 48 hours later, that same van will return to Wisconsin with one person less. Four will travel down. Three will travel back. This math astounds me every time I think about it. The Notes app on my…

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