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Liberal Arts Colleges Explained and Thoughts on College Fit

Are you conducting your college search to find the right fit? Recently, US News and World Report ran an article by a reporter named Josh Moody with helpful insights on liberal arts colleges. Read the article here. Below, I offer my perspective on the article, liberal arts colleges and types of colleges in general when it comes to your college search and finding the right fit for you. Moody’s article is honestly one of the best I’ve read regarding liberal…

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If Dogs Went To College

Cover photo by Jamie Street Ever wonder who you’d meet on campus if dogs went to college? What would their college majors be? Their hobbies? Their quirks? Well, we thought this question deserved an answer. So we looked into it and met some interesting characters. Usually we write blog posts about meaty topics that are critical to your college planning success. Not today. This one’s just for fun. Another ACT Test cycle is winding down, and we’re feeling a little…

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Your Campus Visit Bullet Journal and How To Use It

Stop! Before you read this, check out our new Campus Visit Bullet Journal, which you can download, print and use for campus visits. Okay, now resume reading. You’ll find instructions below. We’re HUGE believers in the power of campus visits for your college planning process. OnCampus College Planning founder and campus visit proponent Tom Kleese says, “Any college visit is better than no college visit.” He urges students and families to visit campuses near your home, while on spring break,…

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So Many Parental Panic Attacks So Little Time

This scene is from one of my favorite movies, Raising Arizona. The woman doing most of the talking is Dot, played by Frances McDormand. As a parent, each of us has had a conversation like this with a “well-meaning” friend. Our blood pressure skyrockets. Our stomach rolls. We feel like we’ve missed the instruction booklet that came with everybody else’s child. We panic. Or we feel generally inadequate as a parent. Is it just me? Can y’all relate? The struggle’s…

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College Search Help and How To Decide If You Need It

On the east and west coasts, many college-bound families hire a professional college planner for college search help. In fact, the question isn’t really, “Are you working with someone?” It’s “Who are you working with?” In recent years, more Madison-area families are enlisting the help of a professional college planner to guide their college search process. Read on to learn why, what the benefits of college search help are, and to decide if professional College Search help is right for…

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