“So, where are you headed next year?” How to Choose the Right College in 15 Hours or Less

National Decision Day for high school seniors is May 1st, a mere 15 hours from now. Most students have made their decision, but many are left with a difficult decision and the stress that accompanies it. My work as a college planner is incredibly rewarding for many reasons, and helping young minds make this very decision is a responsibility I take very seriously. Over the years I’ve repeated my mantra of “Delay the decision” not because I want students to avoid making…

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On My Way To College, I Met A Prom.

As I discuss how to afford college with the families I work with, I tend to notice things that compete with the family college dollar. One of these is Prom. The capital P is intentional. I think it represents the place Prom has come to hold among our community rituals. Not bad or good. It just is. It’s Prom Season. All across Madison and surrounding areas, junior and senior girls will don dresses worth several hundred dollars (one friend told…

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