Beyond Basketball: Institution Types, the Sweet Sixteen and the Beatles

I don’t have a bracket and I’m not in any pools, so my only rooting interests in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament are based on teams I like (Wisconsin, Kansas, Iowa State, Butler) and the ability to craft a really good blog using the remaining teams to explain the concept of “institution type” and its importance in a good college search. But losses by Northern Iowa, Georgia State, Davidson and a few others essentially busted my blog-bracket. Nevertheless, I will use…

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Beyond Basketball: What the #1 Seeds Have to Offer off the Court

So Kentucky is the #1 overall seed in this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. That’s no surprise if you’ve been even a casual follower of college hoops. Coach John Calipari has created a new brand of college basketball, wherein he convinces the most talented high school players in the country to don the jerseys of a fine university for about six months before putting on a flat-brimmed hat with the name of the NBA team that drafts them in the…

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My sophomore just signed up for the ACT (and here’s how I feel about it)

At 9:38 p.m. Tuesday, Jack, took a big step toward his dreams of studying music in college: he registered for his first official ACT exam. He did this with help from his father (who just happens to be a college planner and test prep coach), but this was his idea and it is part of his goals. In May of his freshman year he asked if he could sit in with a number of my students taking a practice exam…

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What I’d like to share with you about your kids

“Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them.” – Lady Bird Johnson   I work with kids and need to share something from my 25-year career as a professor, teacher, coach and now college-planner/test-prep-coach/all-around-college-guy: You have great kids. Great. Kids. You really do. They show up (mostly) on time at libraries, coffee shops and the occasional DQ to spend up to two hours with me, filling their brains with ACT strategies and tips for writing knockout application essays and listening…

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