Tough Talks About College with your Kids? Dale Carnegie ‘em.

This is a real-life reaction that I got from my own 15-year-old son Jack when I went into his room and was going to ask if he had time to talk. Look familiar? Our kids can give some pretty powerful signals that they aren’t really open to conversations, about college, careers, school…. pretty much any topic is off limits at times. Here are some thoughts to help you have more productive conversations about college with your son or daughter. Ever…

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Summer Reads for College-Bound Kids

It’s not your usual summer recommendations, but here’s three reads that might be worth your time if college is in your future in the next few years, or you’re the parent of a college-bound teen. Colleges that Change Lives (CTCL) is the perfect summer read for a college-bound kid or his parents. I mentioned CTCL it to a family I work with just the other day, as I do on a regular basis. For one thing, this guy (Loren Pope)…

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Where did the US #WorldCup2014 players go to college?

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this year’s #World Cup. Since I’m  pretty fixated on colleges, no matter what I’m doing, I started wondering where our elite Stars & Stripes athletes got their college starts. Figured maybe I could create a list of best colleges for soccer players. Turns out, this year’s US WC team includes 11 players who did not play college soccer (or attend college), the most on a US World Cup team ever. This year, Maryland is the only…

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Three Things You’ll Never Say About Finding Someone to Marry, and why choosing a college is like that.

When I’m working with college-bound students, it’s super common for them to get overwhelmed, exasperated and frustrated long before the college planning process is complete. I do many things to prevent students and families from getting to this point, like breaking down big goals into manageable tasks, focusing on small milestones and reminding them about the prize waiting for them at the end of all the work, which is the perfect fit with the college of your dreams. Still, it’s…

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How do I find the best college for me? Start with these critical questions.

Finding the best college for you is a complex process. That’s why I offer free consultations for families who think they might benefit from professional assistance. Simply EMAIL ME to schedule your free consultation. To get an overview of some key places to start, read on. When I hear a high school sophomore, junior or senior ask, “How do I find the best college for me?” I smile. The student is starting from the right perspective: What works for ME,…

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