ACT Test Prep Course in Five Minutes: Three Keys to Better Scores

Most people under-perform when it comes to taking the ACT exam, or the SAT as well, for that matter. Because there’s no extra credit available on the ACT. There are no participation points. You can’t resubmit your work if you fall short of your initial goals. And bottom line, their confidence fails them. The unusual format of the test throws the typical student, even the smart ones. Especially the smart ones. Because they don’t know why, as a bright student…

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UW Madison Admissions, A Bullish Approach for Wanna-Be Badgers

Interested in UW Madison admissions? I live in the shadow of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. More than half of the students I work with include UW-Madison as one of their top-choice schools to pursue, even without prompting from me. I have a graduate degree from this fine institution. So I can relate to wanting to be a UW Badger. This is the first in a two-part blog post about UW Madison admissions. Today, we’ll focus on the pros and cons…

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ACT Test Prep Courses Can Help You Test Your Best

One of the most common aspects of the college planning process that I help students with is ACT test prep. ACT test prep courses, or SAT test prep courses, can be reallyt helpful in helping students to test their best. On March 6, I’ll lead a free college planning workshop that’s akin to a mini ACT test prep course, at American Family’s Dreambank in downtown Madison, WI at 1 N. Pinckney Street. The workshop’s called SAT, ACT, OMG?! That just…

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10 Great Questions: Tools for Your College Visits Checklist

Making a college visits checklist? Make sure you know what questions to ask. Campus visits are one of the most important tools in discerning which college is the best fit for you. But too often, families and students don’t take full advantage of the time and money they spend to visit campuses. They don’t ask the right questions, or they don’t seek out the right people. For this reason, we have an entire online course devoted to knowing how to…

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Why do I need a college matchmaker?

As a high school student or parent, you’ve probably heard friends or colleagues talk about hiring a college matchmaker to help them navigate the college selections process. In fact, IECA, a professional association of college planners, found that 26% of high-achieving students enlist the help of a professional college planner or “college matchmaker”. A college matchmaker can help you determine which colleges would be the best fit for you, and then help you put your best foot forward to earn…

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