Test prep’s a beach. Summer’s the perfect time for ACT test prep.

Summertime is the perfect time for standardized ACT test prep or SAT test prep. Why? Three reasons. Flexibility. Focus. And the ability to free up fall for other priorities. High school students’ schedules are more flexible in the summer. They can more intently focus on standardized test prep. And they can free up busy fall months to focus on school performance, as well as other college planning priorities, with standardized test prep out of the way. The next ACT test…

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Spotlight on Cornell College: Changing College Students’ Lives One Course At A Time

During your college planning process, I encourage you to ask a lot of questions. Here’s another one for your college planning process. What if you went to college but never had a semester break? And what if every professor demanded a minimum of four hours of class time each day, expecting you to focus on her class only while ignoring all others? If you choose Cornell College, in Mount Vernon, Iowa, this is exactly what you can expect. Here’s why…

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