Question of the Day: When is the best time to choose a college?

Today is May 17th, and if your daughter or son will be a senior next year then you have exactly 347 days remaining until the optimal decision date. With some exceptions, may 1st is the date colleges set for accepting an offer of admission, and often submitting a deposit guaranteeing housing. Of course you’re free to make a final decision as soon as the offers of acceptance arrive, but I believe the goal should be to have multiple if not…

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Question of the Day: When?

This is really a series of questions that deal with time and the college selection process. So for starters… Q: When is a good time to start?  A: Now or very soon thereafter. The conversation can begin at any point in your child’s life and is really just a part of an overall, “So what do you want to be when you grow up?” I’m a proponent of the slow-cooking method, i.e. ask some basic questions, walk through a campus…

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Question of the Day: Who vs. Where and What

The two most immediate and obvious questions surrounding the college process are: Where are you going, and what is your major? These are good questions, and very necessary at some point…but not at the beginning of the process. From day one (and before you formally begin your search) you would do well to focus on who. Who am I as a young adult right at this very moment? Who do I aspire to become? When you can answer this with some degree of…

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