Student loan interest rates scheduled to double

I am excited to begin this series entitled “Question of the Day” (QOD) because I firmly believe that the very process of asking good, thoughtful questions has the power to dramatically reshape a critical dialogue that many mistake for an easy, quick decision. And the first question is one that absolutely must be asked, especially in light of sky-rocketing costs and our $1 trillion student debt load: 1. Why?  Why are you considering spending so much time and energy on…

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Student loan interest rates scheduled to double

On July 1 the interest rate for subsidized Stafford loans will revert back to the 2007 rate of 6.8%. President Obama and Republican hopeful Mitt Romney both spoke publicly today about the burden of student debt, which is estimated at upwards of $1 trillion – more than credit card debt. Regardless of political persuasion, we all can agree that student debt and more importantly the rippling effects it has both on individuals and our economy is of major concern. I…

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