Free Graduate School (not a typo)

This fall I had the opportunity to tour one of the hidden gems of our state’s higher education offerings- the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE). The contrast between this school and an engineering program at Madison or any other state school could not be greater. MSOE has a reputation within industry of producing top-notch engineers who are battle-tested and ready to work. The 95% placement rate is doubly impressive in this age of high unemployment. However, some sectors now want…

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What do you get for $133 per day?

I was on campus at UW-Madison yesterday for a women’s basketball game, and as my son Joe and I strolled along State Street in search of the perfect post-game frozen yogurt snack, it occurred to me that instead of thinking about what we pay for a full year of college, it might make more sense to break it down into a daily rate — like a hotel. For now, we’ll use this figure: $133 per day. So my question is:…

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An all-male college with the best of both worlds

There is great debate in America as to relative merits of single-gender education, but the discussion is largely focused on K-12 students. An hour northwest of Minneapolis, however, there is proof that this seemingly archaic idea is not dead but thriving in two places at once (quite literally). Founded as separate Benedictine institutions of higher learning but now joined together in a unique collaborative endeavor, the College of Saint Benedict in St. Joseph, MN, and St. John’s University in nearby…

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What college can be: Actually, less than you imagined

We all want more, right? More for our money, more free time, more than we asked for. But think for a moment about wanting less. In terms of your college experience (note that I did not say “education” but instead “experience”…more on that later), it’s difficult to even consider less. And I’m guilty of pushing for more (cf 1/7/12 post). But sometimes less is better. What if your self-image were based less on class rank or GPA and more on…

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The purpose of college in 14 words.

There is no more profound or more accurate statement on the role of education than this: Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. – W. B. Yeats, Irish poet and dramatist When I was a professor, this was always posted on the door to my office and included on the syllabi for every course I taught. I’m sure most students read it once and moved on. But I know there were some for…

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