What college can be: The University of You

The college you choose says a great deal about who you are and what you value. It’s a reflection, a confirmation, an attitude, and yes, the name that appears on a very specific college sweatshirt that fits you well (hopefully on many levels). When you choose a college you’re choosing among the available options that currently exist, just like choosing a movie or car or vacation. Makes sense, right? Stop thinking about available options. Start building something new — the…

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What college can be: Towards a more open-ended definition

As I begin this series of blogs I’m tempted to use a more prescriptive title: “What college should be”. The differences between these two simple words are not merely grammatical in nature; they are indicative of a broader approach to finding what it is you need. “Should” points to something already visible or even tangible. “Can” doesn’t point, it opens up. As I’m writing I keep cupping my hands near my heart, and then lifting and opening up my arms until…

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